Universal ScreensGIVI Screen, Universal Airflow Screen, AF49

GIVI Screen, Universal Airflow Screen, AF49


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The Givi Universal Airflow Windscreen with 4-Point mounting hardware offers a unique adjustable windshield system. The upper sliding windshield blade is height adjustable to 7 inches from its lowest setting and secures to the large and exposed latches. The airflow windscreen provides superior wind protection and adapts to suit any riders needs.

AIRFLOW is the most versatile Givi windshield to date.

The adjustable spoiler allows the rider to make quick adjustments at a moment’s notice. Crafted from clear polycarbonate, the adaptable spoiler is adjustable to any desired positioning and then clamped in place.

The design of the AIRFLOW system creates an aerodynamic effect that diminishes turbulence, allowing for maximum buffering from wind improving rider stamina.

Another important feature is the ability to reduce AIRFLOW to the rider to increase driving safety while raining: the “spoiler effect” reduces and, can at times, eliminate rain from collecting on the visor and reducing vision. During warm weather the AIRFLOW spoiler is easily detached for travel with only the lower part of the windshield.


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