KTMKTM SXC 625 17 Litre Tank

KTM SXC 625 17 Litre Tank


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Safari Tanks KTM SXC 625 17 litre long range fuel tank.

The perfect tank for those wanting to almost double the range of their SXC without going the full deal with our 27-litre tank. It fits in minutes and is no wider between the knees than the standard tank because the extra fuel is held where the shrouds normally sit. Perfect for exploring tighter trails!

Litres: 17

Colours: Orange, Black or Translucent (clear). Please note that the orange colour of our KTM tanks may not match the existing KTM orange plastics.

Fits: All models of KTM SXC 625 and most LC4 (620 and 640) models (please see the notes below).

Important Notes:

– Our tank will fit the SXC 625 using the standard seat.

– The SXC640 seat profile is different (not round).

– 620 may need modifications. The tank will fit the motorcycle frame but may interfere with the seat, fan and anti-pollution equipment, so some modifications may need to be made.

– Will fit 1996 GS with seat modification.

– Will NOT fit with CV (Constant Velocity) carburettor.

– Some bikes have an Air Box hex head bolt (LHS) which the tank might interfere with. The hex bolt can be replaced with Button Head bolt.

Includes: Fuel cap and breather line (no fuel tap supplied).


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