SWMSWM R300/500R 19 Litre Tank

SWM R300/500R 19 Litre Tank


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This tank was originally made for the Husqvarna TE510, but has been adapted to a SWM R300/500R.

Please see the photos indicating the differences in the plastic shroud and seat profiles when fitted to the Safari Tank.

We do supply brackets to allow the SWM OEM rear shrouds to be fitted (2015-18 models), but not shown in the photos. Brackets are NOT supplied for models from 2019 and onwards.

As this tank was designed for the Husqvarna TE510 models, the Husqvarna side covers and seat can be fitted to the SWM300/500 to improve the fit.

– 2015-18 models (with rear shroud bracket supplied)
– 2019-23 (with no rear shrouds brackets supplied).


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